B2B or Business To Business sales

means business focused on business operations, that is, the selling of products and services directly to other companies in any business.

Growth hacking

strategy focused on growth in a very short time frame with a small budget, suitable for start-ups. The three most common areas of growth hacking are content marketing, product marketing, advertising.

Placing domestic and foreign products on the market

detailed and high quality research of the selected market, analysis of the competition business with placement and sales, prices, demand, interest and customer affinities.

Assistance in developing an idea

development and testing of business ideas, assistance in writing projects and business plans, education.

Support and counseling in sales and marketing

analysis of the current situation, definition of the ultimate goal of counseling and definition of the steps that will enable the achievement of the set goals.


  • You do not have your own sales department
  • You want to be in core business
  • You are aware that you are not familiar with sales
  • You want to compare the results of your sales department with our sales skills
  • You want to take advantage of our network of acquaintances